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Food processing machines in Pakistan

Food is essential for human life, and three fundamental needs are fulfilled by food (food, shelter, and water). When food is prepared in restaurants, various kinds of equipment are used. Numerous food processing machines have been built in homes, restaurants, and lodging. The products in the fresh food are in their normal state. After progressing through different processing phases, the final customer obtains the food.



Freeze drying food processing machine:

In the agriculture industry, this unit is used to freeze food obtained from farms. After being processed, the food is wrapped in a temperature-controlled container.

USD 68000 to USD 500000 almost (Rs 10720000 to Rs 80000000)


Rice grinding and processing machine:

Rice is processed according to the grid to keep its distinctiveness. There are several forms of rice grains, and the rice is tailored for their regional requirements.

$1000 to $2000000 (Rs 160000 to Rs 320000000)


Food freezing machines.

This advanced food freezing system is used for freezing several foods. All food products are organized by type, and a computer with a refrigerator is present.

$69000 TO $502873 (Rs 1040000 to Rs 80459680)


Moisture testing food processing machine:

This approach is used to test whether or not the product has moisture and, if necessary, food is spoiled.

$200 (Rs 32000)


Tea processing equipment/machine.

Tea is considered an essential part of Pakistani society. Small tea-making devices are used, from roadside tea stalls to luxury restaurants.

$4 to $17 (Rs 640 to Rs 2720)



Unfilled cake finishing machine:

This unit is still known as a food processing machine. When the cake is cooked in the oven, the filling is provided by the cake filling unit.

Around $500 to $10000 (Rs 80000 to Rs 1600000)


Sausage-making machines:

The computer is also seen at various restaurants and hotels. It will take too long to produce the sauces manually.

$1272 - $10000 (Rs 187520 to Rs 1600000)



Electrical cheese graters machines:

Multiple cheese grater types are required to grind various kinds of cheese. The cheese is shredded and blended by this system, after which the machine forms it.

Over $1500 to $3000 (Rs 24000 to Rs 480000)



Household Multi-purpose Fruit and Vegetable Manufacturing Equipment,

Through labor-intensive equipment, fruits and vegetables are prepared in restaurants and hotels. This system is multi-purpose, and it makes various forms of cuts depending on a user's feeding needs. It is widely seen in television cooking shows.

$75,000 - $45000 (Rs 1200000 to Rs 7200000)



Storage facilities/containers:

The storage bins in restaurants and hotels are mandatory since the food cooked in these restaurants and hotels is not eaten in a single day. Different forms of food storage containers are used for various kinds of foods.

Up to $1250 (Rs 1600 to Rs 2000)



The gas and electric grill.

Restaurants use gas and electric grills to cook food. Without the gas or electric grill, the food wouldn't be cooked. Food fried on the grills comprises different forms of burgers, pizza, chips, etc.

Around $ 70 to $385 (RS 11200 to RS 61600)


Egg breaker unit/machine.

A business that sells egg-white separation machines also provides egg-yolk separating machines. This procedure cannot be performed manually, so a computer is used for this job.

$6500 to $9454 (Rs 950000 to Rs 1386000)


Ice-cream making and processing machines:

The ice cream maker is used commercially to produce and distribute ice cream. These instruments are massive and commonly employed in several industries.

$6,800 to $280000 (Rs 108800 to Rs 4480000)


The chocolate coating and tantalizing machine:

Chocolate is affordable to nearly everyone and is one of the world's most common threats. The chocolate truffles are produced through this piece of equipment.

$300 - 5,000 (Rs 48000 to Rs 8000000)

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