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Machinery or capital goods are of utmost importance to almost every growing industry. This area covers all primary and secondary industries indulged with machinery for their output quality. Primary industries are involved with the extraction of raw materials used for producing and processing different products; at this stage, primary industries use heavy machinery that assists them with the extraction. Farming and mining are common examples of such industries.

On the other hand, the secondary sector involves processing the extracted raw material to make the final product. The processing stage varies with the industry it's operating in, and the use of machinery in this regard is a must.

As it has been established that various machinery has their crucial importance per their operations, some of the most common ones are currently being used in Pakistan. First, the Caterpillar loader machine is massive equipment involved in both secondary and primary industries. It assists with carrying soil, debris, and cement used in the production of houses in Pakistan. As with the increasing population, there has been a high demand for house production, which means more loader machines must assist. These mentioned machineries are used for construction and are important to the industry engaged with processing and the country itself.

Moreover, on the other hand, rock drill machines are primarily used for the primary sector or miners in Baluchistan's southeastern side, which is rich in resources. We can also use it for many other deep/digging requirements. Furthermore, the chip spreader machine is a source of benefit to Pakistan. It is a developing country with the production of roads and provides a long-term focus on its maintenance. Roller machines fall into the same area as chip spreader machines used in road construction. However, it is only undertaken within a significant project and is used to compact materials such as soil using static force by hydraulics.

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