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  • In this policy, we clarify how we handle your details, we are committed to preserving the safety and wellbeing of our guests.
  • When you first visit our website, we will ask you to commit to the usage of cookies under this agreement. OR You contribute to our usage of cookies in compliance with the conditions of this policy by visiting our website and subscribing to this policy.

Collecting personal information

We may collect, store and use the following kinds of personal information:

  • Details about and your device visits to the website (including your IP address, venue, browser style, and version, organizational framework, comparison source, visit time, page views, and website navigation paths); details about you and your machine;
  • You provide us with details (including email addresses) on registration on our website;
  • You include the specifics of your profile (including your name, your profile, your gender, your date of birth, your birth status, your interests and hobbies, your specifics on the training, your employment);
  • Details you send for the intent of subscriptions (including your name and email address) to our email updates and/or newsletters;
  • Details that you have with the use of the services on our platform (including the timing, frequency, and usage patterns); information created through the use of these services;
  • Info about any purchases you make from us (including your name, location, telephone number, Email address, and card details) OR [goods and/or service] or any other transactions you access via our web site;
  • Details you share on our website (including your username, profile pictures, and the content of your postings);
  • Details that you give to or give to us from our website (includes contact contents and relevant metadata); and any sensitive information you want to send us provides information linked to your sending or sending us.

You must obtain the consent of this individual both to the disclosure and the processing of that personal information according to this policy before you reveal to us the personal information of another individual.

Using personal information

For the purposes indicated in this policy or on the related sections of the website, personal information sent to us via our website is used.
Your specific data can be included in:

  • Manage our Website and company;
  • Customize for you our Website;
  • Allow you to use our Website's services;
  • Give products bought on our Website to you;
  • Provide resources ordered on our Website for you;
  • Give and receive declarations, invoices, and bill notifications.
  • You're paying;
  • Give commercial correspondence non-marketing;
  • Give you expressly needed updates via email;
  • If you asked, send our newsletter to you (if you do not need the newsletter, you will be free to inform us at any time);
  • Send you marketing messages concerning our company or third parties that we feel might be important to you clearly described, via postal mail, or, if you have already decided, by email or related technologies.
  • Provide statistical details on our users for third parties (but such third parties can detect no particular recipient of such information);
  • Treat your inquiries and concerns involving or involving you regarding our Website;
  • Maintain our Website healthy to stop theft to
  • Review the enforcement with our Website terms and conditions (including private messages sent via the private messaging service with our Website).

When you send personal details, we shall, in compliance with the license you issue, publish it on our website, and otherwise use it.
You will use your security settings to restrict the publishing of your data on our platform, which can be changed using platform privacy controls.
Without your prior permission, we would not provide any third party with your personal details for targeted marketing for them or any third party.
To handle payments made through our website, we only exchange details with our payment processing provider to the degree that they are needed for reimbursement and managing grievances and inquiries relevant to payments and reimbursement.

Disclosing personal information

We may divulge your details in so much as it's reasonably appropriate for the purposes laid down in this policy to each of our employers, agents, insurers, legal advisers, agents, suppliers, or subcontractors.
We may reveal your details, as reasonably appropriate for the purposes laid down in this policy, to any member of our business party (that implies our subsidiaries, our ultimate holding company, or all their subsidiaries).
Your sensitive details will be disclosed:

  • To the degree needed by law by us to do so;
  • Any civil action pending or prospective;
  • in the establishment, practice, or protection of our legal rights (including details to others for the prevention of fraud and credit risk reduction);
  • To the customer (or prospective buyer) of any company or commodity we are (or envisage) selling;
  • For someone we reasonably believe can warrant personal information divulgation by a court or other responsible authority if such a court or entity. In our reasonable opinion, we would reasonably be liable to order that divulgation.

Except as provided for in this legislation, we will not report your personal information to third parties.

International data transfers

To encourage us to use the information under this policy, the information we obtain can be stored and analyzed and distributed between each country in which we work.
You can publish personal information on our website or send it for publication on our website on the internet worldwide. The usage or abuse by anyone of such knowledge can not be avoided.
You expressly acknowledge the transfer of personal data mentioned in this section 6.

Retaining personal information

Section 7 lays out our policy and procedures on preserving records intended to assist us in compliance with our legal responsibilities to retain and delete personal details.
For whatever intent or end, personal details we process shall not be held longer than is appropriate for that intent or any purpose.
Given the other requirements of section 7 of this article, we shall maintain records containing personal data (including electronic documents):

  • To the degree needed by law by us to do so;
  • If we conclude that the materials are pertinent to some continuing or potential lawsuit; and
  • To create, exercise, or protect our laws (including details for fraud prevention and credit risk reduction) for fraud prevention and security.

Security of personal information

To avoid deletion, abuse, or modification of your details, we take fair technological and organizational measures.
On our stable (firewall-protected) servers, we store all personal data that you send.
The encryption technology is used to ensure all electronic financial transfers are made accessible on our website.
You understand that the exchange of data on the network is potentially unpredictable and that the confidentiality of the data transmitted through the internet can not be assured.
We may not query your password (except while you are signing in to our website) and keep the password that you are using private.


From time to time, we will change this policy by adding a new edition to our blog.
You can review this page from time to time to ensure that you are comfortable with any updates.
By email or via the private message service on our website, we can remind you of this policy's update.

Your rights

You can order us to send you any personal data we keep about you; such information is subject to:

  • The refund of the invoice (now PKR 1000);
  • A photo-copy of your passport, accredited to a law enforcer or bank, and an original copy of a service letter that shows your current address are commonly approved for this reason.

In the measure that is allowed by law, we can keep the personal data that you request.
You may, at any point, tell us not to market your details.
You typically choose to use your details either directly in advance to marketing purposes or give you an option to choose not to use your personal information for marketing purposes.

Third party websites

  • Our website provides connexions to third-party websites and information.
  • The privacy policy and procedures of third parties are and are not our liability.

Third party websites

  • If the personal information we keep on you needs to be corrected or updated, please let us know.


Cookies are included on our website.
A cookie is a file with a web window I d (string of letters and numbers) a web server processes that. Any time a browser requests a page from the server, the identifier is then returned to the server.
A permanent cookie is retained by a web browser and stays valid before the expiry date is determined unless the user removes it before the expiry date; on the other hand, the session cookie disappears at the end of a user's session when the web browser is disabled.
Cookies do not necessarily provide details that recognizes a user directly, however sensitive information about you that we store may be connected to data saved and retrieved from cookies.
We use [cookies for session only] OR [cookies that persist only] OR [cookies that remain and session cookies] on our web pages.
The below are the names of the cookies we use on our website and the reasons for which they are used:

  • (tracking website users' usage of the website) OR (improving usability) OR (preventing spam and improving website security) OR (personalizing web pages for each user) OR (targeting website advertising, which might have specific interests We usage the PHPSESSID (recognize machine during user's access to our website) OR (tracking users when navigating on the website) OR (enabling website shopping cards) or

If you block all cookies, the accessibility of several websites would suffer.
You can not access any of the services on our website if you block cookies.
The deletion of cookies would negatively influence the accessibility of certain websites.

Our details

Machine Grab maintains and operates this platform.
Please feel free to contact us:

  • Use our feedback form on our website.
  • On the telephone, from time to time, the contact number on our website.
  • Using the e-mail address published occasionally on our website via e-mail.

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