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These General Terms and Conditions shall extend to all MachineGrab-operated websites, except any other clause. It also entirely represents the undertakings of groups. No other word in another contract should be regarded as part of MachineGrab's rights and responsibilities and any usage of those places and facilities. It refers to both business buyers and service consumers. Machine Grab is free to change the general terms of use at any time. In such a scenario, the current known requirements prevail over the previous one. The revised Terms and Conditions of Usage shall become valid and binding on their online publication without further formalities and without regard to the customer's choice to revoke their membership on the Web. The full site material (domain name, title, style, form, feedback, original photographs and drawings, logotypes, slogans, texts, and other elements) and the databases are the only proprietary publisher and owners of MachineGrab. Some details you provide other users of the site or us during registration, uploading, listing, and bidding. You are requesting further detail or replying via the Web or in some way. You accept the lawful owner of all privileges, titles, and interests in your records. Accept that you are entirely liable for your knowledge. We serve as a mere medium to distribute and post your details online.

Eligibility criteria

Any person who is 18 years old and above qualified for participation in a legally binding contract and is not prohibited by any statute for the time being. Suppose you use MachineGrab, either by registering on the Web or in another way, not as a person but on behalf of a legal entity. It is presumed that you are legally allowed to do so. The collection, You are obliged to post or include information on the site on behalf of the legitimate body and choose to be accountable for all web users. If, listing, publishing, or infringing your content, We are entitled to terminate or cancel your Site Membership and decline to provide you or any individual acting on your behalf with access to the site.


The Platform provides information regarding you and other users. You shall not copy, alter, or transmit such material except Your Knowledge. You give us a non-exclusive, global, permanent, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable right and license to use, print, post, interpret, transmit, execute, and view any material (in whole or in part) global via the Domain and on any of our affiliates or collaborators websites, publications, and mobile platforms.


Machine Grab takes appropriate steps to guarantee the authenticity of the website's information but makes no claims or promises concerning the accuracy or reliability of the website content. Machine Grab offers some written knowledge and views shared on the website for personal and knowledge reasons only. And Machine Grab does not, in any way, authenticate its assurance, authenticity, consistency, quantity, or validity. Machine Grab will alter them anytime without warning.

Obligations of the seller

At least the following details must be included in the registration and listing of MachineGrab: Complete name of the legal body and name of the person and corporation Registered office or legitimate party physical position represented.

The registrant's contact information Registrant contact details for the Seller's Official Email Address. Important asset characteristics: the seller must classify the asset for sale as precisely as practicable before adding the listing. The purchaser is entirely liable for any negative implications of inaccurate display or deceptive portrayals of a land. The Purchaser Payor consequence The liability plan for the Vendor and special sales terms and conditions shall meet the requisite sales authorization and permit. They shall ensure that these assets comply with the laws to preclude any infringement of regulations or rights by third parties. The buyer shall pay for the items to be distributed to the buyer.

Until otherwise determined, the customer is entitled by statute to collect the debit or delivery, customs, storage, and any costs relevant to the transmission. Before the agreement is signed, the parties will discuss the delivery, storage, custom, and other transmission costs charged by the seller to minimize disputes. An offer to sell a commodity is a tacit invitation for the seller to the buyer to exchange.

For any cause whatsoever, Machine Grab reserves the right to cancel all property for sale from the site. For some duration, without the seller or buyer being liable, without resorting to any other rights or solutions. Machine Grab does not promise that any number of inquiries or offers can be received.

` At this point, Machine Grab is free to emphasize the announcement reported in numerous "premium offers" or other market formats. Also, the seller has no right to the highlighted positioning of the website. The seller undertakes to comply with Machine Grab laws and apply its bid to comply with its website experience.

Obligations of the buyer

The recipient shall be entirely liable for the offer and ensuring that all properties subject to a bid are suitable and ready to be acquired. Although the planned service is not an auction service, the maximum price would not usually be charged unless specified. Machine Grab can not ensure that all deals are taken into consideration. It will review only the most important deals.

A consumer whose bid has not been studied shall have no grounds for action against MachineGrab. The seller shall obtain by necessity the shipping bill, manipulation, customs costs, and other charges connected with the movement of the acquired asset. However, the parties can opt to enforce another law. Machine Grab advises that they settle on the cost level before closing the deal. At this point, Machine Grab retains the freedom, for any cause and without any fault whatsoever, to refuse any bid, thereby without recourse to any other privileges or remedies. The buyer is obligated to discuss each bid with the seller. Until the seller decides, the buyer will withdraw his offer. The consumer must guarantee that the money needed to acquire the asset is accessible before making the bid. If not, the buyer will be deleted from the site without further warning after an emailed notification. Each purchaser whose bid was approved by the seller shall immediately notify Machine Grab.

Assume that the bid reaches 1.00,000 Rs. Machine Grab retains the right to require the buyer to confirm from the bank of availability of the funds. On request of MachineGrab, the relevant buyer undertakes to pay a deposit to Machine Grab on terms specified by Machine Grab as a condition and precedent for being added to the seller. Two primary obligations often bind the purchaser: The seller may fail to satisfy its obligations to allow the asset's delivery, pursue its compliance, or terminate the selling contract. The seller shall pay the asset price on the date and position set out in the sales agreement.

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