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Online used and new agricultural machines in Pakistan

When hearing about agriculture, the first thing that comes to mind is agricultural farms and cultivating livestock and plants. In Pakistan, the agricultural sector contributed 55% of the country's GDP. Still, in the past 4-5 years, now service sector has come on top in contributing to Pakistan's GDP as it is now on top, and the agricultural industry has fallen to 24%. However, that does not mean that the agricultural industry is entirely useless. It is still a lot to the country's GDP as it is its primary sector. The farm sector hires 42.3% of the workforce, which is quite a considerable percentage.

When hearing about the agricultural sector, the machines also come to mind used in the agriculture sector as in agriculture sector. Both new and used machines are used because it is necessary to use both types of machines instead of completely old or completely new machines.  Using old machines would be obsolete technology, and using completely new machines would shoot up the agricultural sector's budget. 

That's why the combination of old and new machines is used in the agricultural sector of Pakistan. This article will also address the machinery and equipment used in Pakistan's agriculture industry., both used and new.

Types of agricultural machines in Pakistan

First, we would discuss the types of agricultural machines used in Pakistan and their prices by which people would know about the prices of the agricultural machines.

Following are the types of agricultural machinery that are commonly used in Pakistan.

Tractors Machines: Whenever discussing agriculture, the first machinery that comes to mind are tractors used in irrigation fields. Tractors are used for cultivating, harvesting crops and fertilizing, etc.

Combine harvesters: This machine is used for harvesting grain crops.

Cultivator machine: In Pakistan, The cultivator system/machine is used for sowing seeds in the agricultural field by which the seedbed is prepared. A cultivator machine has discs attached to it to cultivate the seed field between crop rows.

Round baler: Out of all baler types in Pakistan, the round baler is the most commonly used in Pakistan's agricultural sector. A round baler, also known as a hay bale, is used to compress harvested crops.

Rotator machine: A rotator machine is used to prepare the soil field. This machine has rotating blades attached to it; that's why it is called a rotator machine. 

Fertilizer spreader: As stated in the name, a fertilizer spreader is used to spread fertilizer in agriculture; that's why it is known as the fertilizer spreader.

Trans-planter: Trans-planter machine is used to transfer seeds in the agricultural field. This machine's advantage is that it reduces the time taken, and the manual labor force is not used.

Sprayer machine: These machines spray pesticides on agricultural fields so insects wouldn't affect that field.

Sub-soiler machine: Used for burying soil underground. It works at depths; this machine is also used for depth agricultural purposes.


  • Tractors
  • Rs 20,00,000 to Rs 6,00,000
  • Combine harvesters
  • Rs 22,24,000 to Rs 3,76,00,000


  • Cultivator machine
  • Rs 1,20,00,000 to Rs 1,24,80,000


  • Round baler
  • Rs 12,80,000 to 96,00,000


  • Rotator machine
  • Rs 26,88,000 to Rs 10,000,000


  • Fertilizer spreader machine
  • Rs 32,000 to Rs 21,00,000


  • Trans-planter
  • Rs 4,80,000 to Rs 16,00,000


  • Sprayer
  • Rs 7200 to Rs 91200


  • Sub-soiler
  • Rs 8000 to Rs 45000


Therefore, the machines mentioned above are commonly used in Pakistan's agriculture industry and are available online.

The above table of these machines is given the price list table, in which the prices and the models of these machines would be easily known.

Types of machinery used in Pakistan's agriculture industry.

After discussing the machines in Pakistan used in agriculture, we will discuss the agricultural equipment commonly used in Pakistan.

Following are the types of equipment that are used in the agricultural sector of Pakistan:-

Drip irrigation systems: The drip irrigation systems are used for irrigation in the agricultural sector. The machine drips water to underwater plants and seeds in the field.

Mower equipment: To sow a field, a lawnmower is used on agricultural fields to make it plain and plant.

Harrows: Harrows are used to smooth up the soil surface on which agriculture is grown.

Irrigation pumps: These pumping equipment dig water from deep underground to above water level. These irrigation systems are also helpful.

Rakes: Used to load and unload hay if the farms contain hay material.

Plastic mulch layers: These mulch layer equipment are used to lay mulch on the field and secure it with soil.

Therefore, those mentioned above are the equipment used commonly in the agriculture sector of Pakistan. Below is the table and the price list of agricultural equipment in Pakistan.


  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Rs 5500 to Rs 1,55,000


  • Mower equipments
  • Rs 7000 to Rs 35000


  • Harrows
  • Rs 1,50,000 to Rs 2,50,000


  • Irrigation pumps
  • Rs 29,000 to Rs 46,000


  • Rakes
  • Rs 7,00 to Rs 17,000


  • Plastic mulch layers
  • Rs 1,04,000 to Rs 1,44,000


The prices of the equipment vary as well because they are available both used and new, that's why there is a variance in the price of these types of equipment. The same was the case with machines; the machines' prices also varied as we discussed online new and used agricultural machines in Pakistan. The same is the case with equipment as well.


After the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, the whole world went towards online dealing. That's why we are discussing online machines and equipment, which are also used in agriculture. On websites, these equipment and machines are available. 

The agricultural dealers and farmers in Pakistan could also purchase these machines and equipment. There are several benefits of online purchasing equipment, such as 24*7 services; in the past 10-11 months after the Corona Virus outbreak in Pakistan, even agricultural buyers of machines and equipment have shifted towards online purchasing of agricultural machines and equipment. However, it is not said that the overall shift would be towards online purchasing. 

Still, physical and online purchasing and dealing should be done simultaneously with agricultural machines and equipment. After all, The agriculture sector may be assumed to be of Pakistan, was making good progress and contributing a lot to our country's GDP. 

Still, agriculture has deteriorated in the last 4-5 years, and the service sector has gone up. However, the agricultural industry has also contributed a lot, and still, it is contributing. The agricultural sector contributes 24% of Pakistan's GDP, which is also a good percentage and amount. 

The agriculture sector was immediately considered the cornerstone of the economy and still is. The machines discussed above are used in the agriculture sector, both new and used; moreover, the machines discussed in this article are used in Pakistan's agriculture industry; that's why only those machines have been discussed. 

Those types of equipment have been discussed that are used very commonly in Pakistan's agricultural industry. 

The following recommendations should be followed by which the agriculture sector would become better:- Use new machines more: In the agricultural sector, the new machinery should be used more as several obsolete machines are still being used in Pakistan's agricultural sector. 

Government should focus more on the agriculture sector as well: The government's focus has also diverted from the agriculture sector. We are not blaming the government. But it is to make them aware that Pakistan's government should focus on Pakistan's agricultural sector. Include women labor force in the agriculture sector as well and hire them as machine operators as well. 

In the agriculture sector, the focus is less on women, and more women should be employed as machine and equipment operators in the agricultural industry. The productivity of the agricultural sector will also improve. 

Use more online purchasing and dealings: Just as online purchasing of machines and equipment was done in the pandemic by the agricultural sector. It should also be done even when there is less or no pandemic, as the agricultural sector is far behind. Through online dealings, it would prosper as well. Focus on equipment and machines: The agricultural sector and our government should also focus on equipment and machines and keep trying to improve them as many old machines and equipment are being used in the agricultural sector. 

Therefore, the recommendations mentioned above should be followed as well by which the agricultural sector would prosper as well, just like before. More focus should be done on online purchasing and machines and equipment used by the agricultural industry. 

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