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Hydra Automatic Dispenser Machine

PKR 450000

Machine Details

  • Manufacturer : Optimize Techno Solution

  • Model : OTS-ADM

  • Made In: Pakistan

  • Bought Year : 2020


Want your business or industry innovative? Optimize Techno Solution provides a wide range of innovative solutions through automation & optimization to grow your business quality oriented and cost-effective. We provide reliable, efficient & profitable solutions to our fellow businesses to optimize their machines to next level generation. Optimize Techno Solution introduce automatic filling machine the "Automatic Dispenser Machine" which is base on card system and due to this system the water plant operate 24/7. The OTS gives the opportunity to reduce the cost of employment and also save your time. its not required any supervision. Open link to check our Water Automatic Dispenser Machine. Hope you like our work. If you want to automatize or optimize your work contact freely on +923328235323 or email us at

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