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Automatic Packing Machine (CX SERIES BACK-SEAL TYPE)

PKR 149000

Machine Details

  • Model : CX SERIES

  • Made In: CHINA

  • Bought Year : 2017


AOA, Selling another one of my machines, all of the features are the same as the previous one, the original condition of the machine is much much better, as in the picture it looks as if it is covered in Dust. PERFORMANCE: This series of Packing machine can automatically complete a series of actions such as, -bag making -measuring -filling -counting -sealing -punching -cutting -synchronous inflating -code printing (number printer should be equipped) & -finished products PURPOSE: Perfect for packaging of, -foodstuff -chemical products -medicine -seasoning (For Instance: -Puff Drying Foodstuff -chips -washing powder -sugar -nutlet -peanut -melon seeds -a small piece of biscuit & so on). Packing Speed (Bag/Min): 60 to 120 bags Bag Size Making (mm): L 60 - 320 / W 50 - 240 Max Out Side Diameter of the Rolling Paper (mm): <400 Max Width of the Packing Film (mm): 480 The Thickness of the Packing Film (mm): 0.5 - 0.10 Main Power (KW): 3.0 Working Voltage (V): 220V / 50 Hz Counting Range (g): 30 - 500 Outside Dimension (mm): 1050 x 800 x 2000 Gross Weight (Kg): 300

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