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Packaging and filling machines and equipment in Pakistan

When discussing packaging and filling machines used in Pakistan, the machines that commonly come to Pakistani people are milk packing machines and ice-cream packing machines. And the type of machines used to pack different kinds of goods by which several machines come into mind. Several packaging machines are currently being used in our country, and there is less awareness about these machines. Therefore, people would be aware of the packing machines and equipment currently used in Pakistan.

We purchase everyday items and sometimes don't even know that those machines package these types of things. These items include Tetra packs, bread, biscuits, packed Rotis, etc. Therefore, now we will be discussing several packing machines used in Pakistan.

Types of packing machines currently used in Pakistan.

The following are the types of machines that are used in Pakistan for packing purposes of different types of goods:-


Milk packing machines:

As previously mentioned in Pakistan, cow milk was used almost all over the country, but since the milk packing machine arrived in Pakistan. Then the milk customers slowly and gradually shifted towards tetra packs and the milk packaged from machines.

People were reluctant about going towards these machines, but as awareness increased, how safe the milk is from packaging machines. Then people transferred towards packaged milk such as Tetra pack, Milk-Pak, Olper's, Haleeb, etc. Moreover, these milk packing machines are commonly used in Pakistan and are famous almost worldwide.


Nimco packing machines:

The people of Pakistan eat Nimco during snack time or tea time; thus, It is also necessary to remind people that they are packed by packing machines and not by hand.

As it is almost impossible to pack these nim cos through hands. Even if possible, many germs will be transferred to those nim cos.


Sachet multi-lane machine: 

The sachet machines pack items in sachets, such as shampoos, etc. Many people of Pakistan also use sachet shampoos. That's why it is essential to mention that these sachets or any product that comes in sachets are packed by these sachet packing machines. These machines are known as multi-lane machines. Before being packed, the sachets pass through different lanes before being packed finally and then going towards wholesalers, retailers, or consumers.


Capsule filling machines:

When discussing packing machines, it's always essential to discuss capsule filling machines. The tablets are among the most sensitive products as the patients must use them. So it is necessary to pack those tablets through those machines in which there are 0 bacteria or viruses by. These tablets are packaged through capsule filling machines, and the capsules and tablets are packed and filled through these machines.


Bottle filling machine: 

Bottle filling machines are used in the organizations in which cold drinks are packed. These machines are ubiquitous in cold drinks companies such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Sting. All these bottles are filled through those machines in all cold drink companies, and all companies use similar types of bottle packing machines.  


Plastic packing machine: 

Plastic packing machines are used to pack plastic products and materials. Although plastic materials are now considered polluting products, these machines are currently used in Pakistan for packing purposes. However, fewer disposable items will be required in the future. These packing machines pack products such as plastic bottles, shoppers, etc. However, with time, these machines would become obsolete as plastic is hazardous to the environment; that's why they will not be used in the future.


Pouch packing machines:

 The pouches used in household items and almost every Pakistan home, from low to rich, are packed through pouch packing machines. There are several sizes of pouch products used in Pakistan, which are packed through these machines. E.g., Shangrila ketchup, iodized salt, etc., as these are the pouches products.


Ice-cream filling machines:

When discussing filling machines, it is also necessary to discuss ice-cream filling machines as the Ice-cream shop owners use them to fill the ice cream they want. These ice-cream filling machines are still used in Pakistan in selected shops from which the cone of the ice cream is filled.


Clothes packing machines:

One of the significant packing sectors is the Textile sector in Pakistan. This sector packs clothes and sends them to almost all over Pakistan. However, packing clothes is no easy task; that's why the clothes are packed through several machines until the process of wrapping clothes becomes complete. Therefore, every textile firm and mill uses clothes packing machines in their organization in Pakistan.


Shrinkwrap machine:

Although not entirely considered a packing machine, a shrink wrap machine produces foiling papers or wrappers wrapped around any product. For example, the foiling wrappers we see around bottles are produced through a shrink wrap machine. Therefore, that's why this machine has made it to the list.

Therefore, packing & filling machines and equipment are commonly used in Pakistan to pack the products, and several companies provide them. The packaging machinery and equipment used in Pakistani companies for packing purposes are manufactured worldwide and in Pakistan. The companies sometimes use Pakistani manufactured machines and sometimes import these machines and use them in companies.

Following are the companies in Pakistan which manufacture packaging machinery and equipment in Pakistan:-


SAMA Engineering: 

SAMA Engineering is one of the best packaging machinery manufacturers in Pakistan, and they have all the details on their website. By looking at their website, it can be said that SAMA engineering is a good company for manufacturing packaging machines in Pakistan. It is located in the Nazimabad area of Karachi. Nazimabad no. 02.


Sheikh Khajoo bhai and company:

Although the name is funny, this company also manufactures high-quality machines for packaging and filling purposes, and they provide these machines all over Pakistan. This company is also located in Karachi in DHA Phase 2 and has branches in Lahore.

Lahore engineering company: Lahore engineering company also manufactures packaging machines and equipment throughout the country in the organizations that use these packaging machines.


Burhani packing machines:

In this company, the product (packing machines) they offer is already stated in the name. Customers would know clearly that they could order packing machines from customers. Those organizations are being discussed that purchases are packing machines and equipment. This company is also located in Karachi.


Hermatic seals: 

Hermatic seals are also the manufacturer of packaging machines in Pakistan. The packing machines they manufacture are also available on their website. The packing machine or equipment that has to be ordered can be viewed easily from the website; that's why the complete information was available.

Therefore, the packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing companies mentioned above complete manufacturing work in Pakistan. These machines are not only used in Pakistan but they are exported outside the country as well. Due to the export of these machines, the GDP of Pakistan is affected positively. It's also good that Pakistan is exporting some technology outside the country, and its balance of trade and balance of payments would also be positively affected.

Therefore, those mentioned above are the machine packing machines. The companies that provide these machines are also known now, and the organizations that use them would understand that they could purchase them.

Moreover, the following suggestions should be followed:-

Do not pack plastic in the machines as plastic is one of the worst pollutants which pollute the environment.

Sell the plastic manufacturing machines as those machines could not be scrapped as the machine manufacturing companies could not bear that loss. Suddenly discarding those machines will make those organizations suffer huge losses.

The textiles and other organizations that use packaging machines for the packing purpose should purchase machines from Pakistani manufacturers rather than international manufacturers. It will be better for the country.

People should be made aware of this side of Pakistan. Pakistanis should be proud that packaging machines are being produced in Pakistan.

Therefore, the suggestions mentioned above should be followed by which the Pakistani machinery industry would flourish. Pakistan's economy will also groom.


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