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Electrical machines and equipments used in Pakistan

When hearing about electrical machines and equipment types, the first thing that comes to mind is electrical appliances used in homes. Although according to electrical engineers, electrical machines mean any machine which uses electromagnetic force and converts chemical energy into electrical energy. So this term would not be new to people as they would have seen this term in the article written about the "Energy machines used in Pakistan."  Electrical machines and electrical equipments in Pakistan that are commonly used and available.

There are several types of electrical machines and types of equipment that are currently being used in Pakistan.

The most common machines that come to mind are Washing machines, refrigerators, deep freezers, Television, etc. First, we would be separating the machines used in industries from the machines used in houses.


Electrical winding machine:

As stated in the name itself, that electrical winding machine is used to wind wires and coils in motors, transformers, etc. It is the most commonly used electrical machine in Pakistan as it is used from shops to supermarkets.


Electrical welding machine:

Again, it is evident by the name that this type of electrical machine is used for welding purposes of metals, iron, steel, etc. This type of electrical machine is used by welders and is available quickly all over the country as well.


Dewatering pumps:

Dewatering pumps are also an electrical machine used to drain water from below the ground. These types of pumps are used for underground mining as well.

Light towers: These are electrical towers that are why they have made into the electrical machine category. These towers are seen in stadiums as well.


Winding machine:

In this electrical equipment, it is also apparent by the name that the winding machine is used to wind copper works, iron, and steel, etc.

Therefore, the above mentioned are the electrical machines commonly used in our country. The remaining equipments are electrical conductivity meters, ac motors, and brushless DC motor. The table along with a price list of these machines is given on the following page.


Price list of these electrical machines


  • Electrical winding machine
  • Rs 140000 to 325000


  • Electrical welding machine
  • Rs 10000 to Rs 30000


  • Dewatering pumps
  • Rs 75000


  • Light towers
  • Rs 11500 per single light


  • Winding machine
  • Rs 35000


  • Electrical conductivity meters
  • Rs 15000 to Rs 450000


  • AC motors
  • Rs 90000 to Rs 100000


  • Brushless DC motors
  • Rs 4800 to 6400


Therefore, the above mentioned are the prices of the electrical machines that are used in Pakistan commonly. Thus, the above mentioned are the common types of machines used in Pakistan's industries most widely as there are only a few machines used in the industriesPakistan's. Commonly that's why only this machine has been mentioned and described. People might already know about some of these machines. 

That's why it's not necessary to describe every one of them, such as AC motors and DC motors needs no description as they are the machines used in air conditions and house water pumping machines respectively. 

The prices are given so that people would know that they would know about these electrical machines' price when they would purchase the product. These are the prices that are given on the internet if we order online.

Types of electrical machines used in houses of Pakistan

After discussing the machines used in Pakistan's industries, we would discuss the electrical machines used in Pakistan's houses.


Washing machine:

One of the most popular electric machines in Pakistan is a washing machine. It is one of the oldest inventions used in Pakistan. As washing machines have become a necessary electrical machine to wash clothes, that's why it is one of the required electric appliances/machines required in household electric machines. The washing machine is one of the oldest electrical inventions as it was invented in 1797



Over time, the LED TV had become more common in the past two decades as before that there were box TV's. However, our discussion topic is not that, but an electrical device used in homes, and TV is one of the electronic devices used in homes; that's why it has made its' spot in the list.



Refrigerators are in use in Pakistan for a long time as they are used to keep things cold. In the summer season, there is a demand for refrigerators a lot. Due to this reason, the refrigerators are on our list, and they are currently in use in almost every home in Pakistan. But poor people cannot afford it; that's why these refrigerators are used in middle class and rich household families.


Deep freezer

Deep freezers are also one of the standard electric machines used in Pakistani homes and are now popular because food and edible items have to be stored in these deep freezers; that's why they have become common in our country.



Laptops are now in use in Pakistani homes that were not used previously as there were computers in use in Pakistan's houses. Still, when laptops became common in Pakistan, these laptops have become more common in our country. They are also considered one of the best electrical machines used in Pakistan.

The above mentioned are the common electrical machines used in the houses of Pakistan.

Types of electrical equipments used in Pakistan

The below mentioned are the electrical equipments that are used in Pakistan commonly:-


Electrical conductors' equipment:

The most common electrical equipment used in industries and houses are electrical conductors. Although any substance made of metal would be considered an electrical conductor, here we are discussing the equipments that are designed as an electrical conductor as they are one of the most common electrical equipments used in our country.

Control panels equipment for maintaining voltage: Electrical equipment commonly used in Pakistan is equipments designed for control panels. These electrical equipments are designed to control high voltage fluctuations, and these equipments are used in K-Electric offices as well. The main switch that is used in homes are also considered as an electrical control panel equipment.


When the high voltage has to be reduced, insulators are installed to control the high voltage because insulators are considered poor electrical conductors and help maintain high voltages. Thus, the insulator is also one of the common electrical equipment used in our country, Pakistan.


Relays equipment:

A relay is an electrical device or switch, to be more precise. Relays are designed to control circuits. Moreover, relays are used in cars now as well when headlight lights have to be increased. They are also used in homes as well through which these relay switches are used to control circuits.


Capacitor equipments:

Yes, here we are speaking about fan capacitors. They are the common electrical equipment used almost all over Pakistan.

Therefore, the above mentioned are the common electrical equipments used in Pakistan. Some might come as a shocker, such as a capacitor and insulators. Still, they are also considered electrical equipments in Pakistan. That's why these equipments are considered electrical equipments as well. The table is also given below about the prices of these equipments.


  • Electrical conductors
  • Rs 17000 to Rs 33000


  • Control panels
  • Rs 2500 to Rs 6500


  • Insulators
  • Rs 350 to Rs 25000


  • Relay switches
  • Rs 80 to Rs 100


  • Capacitor
  • Rs 200 to Rs 1000


After all, it can be stated that these are the electrical equipments used in Pakistan. Although people would mostly know about these equipment types, some electrical machines and equipment pieces might shock as these pieces of equipment are electrical equipments. There would be less awareness about these machines and equipment. That's why this page was necessary to discuss this equipment so the readers of our page would know that these things are considered electrical equipments and electrical machines used in Pakistan's houses and industries.

The following things should be followed:-

People should read about electrical machines and equipment types by which they would know that these electrical machines and equipments are considered the best electrical equipments and machines in Pakistan.

The industries of Pakistan should use new equipment pieces, and many industries are still using old electrical equipments and are obsolete. Thus, the industries should shift towards new machines and equipment as they are not that expensive.

Electrical machines and equipments should be used with safety measures. Precautions are considered one of the most dangerous types of equipment. The industries should also provide safety gadgets to their people. The labor will be able to work much more quickly with safety precautions.

Therefore, in this article, I would again say that the aim is not to criticize any industry or organization but to make them better and follow safety precautions. Thus, the organizations and the people of Pakistan that use the equipments mentioned above should follow the recommendations mentioned above by which it would become better.

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