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Desktop computer and servers

Computers are one of the most remarkable technologies of the 20th century. In the past three decades in Pakistan, computers are one of the fastest and rapidly growing technology. With each passing year, there is always advancement in computers, and their demand keeps increasing every year. As well, the need for computers have grown since their inception in Pakistan.

Here in this short article, we will be discussing the computer and the servers that are most commonly used in Pakistan in laptops and computers. As previously, desktop PCs were standard in Pakistan, but now Pakistan is almost shifted towards laptops.

Now we would be discussing about desktop computers. Following are the desktop computers that were commonly used in Pakistan.

Desktop computer

It arrived in Pakistan at the end of the 20th century and was used in almost all offices but slowly and gradually replaced by laptops. However, some offices are still using this computer. Recent statistics say that 28% of Pakistan's offices still use desktop computers in Pakistan.

Gaming PC

Gaming PC was used by the video game shops and the people who were video gamers. That's why gaming PC became common in Pakistan and frequently used in video game stores.

Gaming desktops: The gaming desktops were purchased by those who needed their personal gaming space in Pakistan; that's why gaming desktops became popular in Pakistan.

Dell Optiplex

Firstly, in Pakistan, Dell servers were the most popular ones implemented here. Those servers had core microarchitecture to make the computer keep running correctly; this core includes core i3, i5, i7, and i9.

Optiplex 7010

After the advent of Dell computers in Pakistan, Optiplex 7010 was one of Dell computers' most successful Pakistan servers. And it became common with the advent of new computers arrival in Pakistan.

Dedicated server

When the servers in the industry began to advance, people began to move towards dedicated servers by which the speed, storage, memory, etc., of the computers speeded up. The previously used computers became better than before.

Cloud servers or cloud computing: Cloud servers have become common in Pakistan. For the last two decades, cloud servers allow computers to have more features than before and are used by many data centers.

In Pakistan, these were some of the ordinary desktop machines and their servers. Still, now Pakistan is slowly shifting towards laptops. They are more advanced than desktop computers, so the offices should also move towards laptops now. 

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