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Workshop Machines Price In Pakistan

The top machines in Pakistan get the most job completed in any factory. These types comprise factories, mechanical workshops, showroom workshops, and building & production workshops. The prices of all the devices and their requirements will be listed. The study article intends to address the machinery used in Pakistani workshops everywhere.


Drill equipment/machines:

This drilling device is commonly used in labs. A costly drilling machine is used during workshops. The price of the drill machine varies from S$1500 to S$21000 for various brands.

From PKR 1500 up to PKR  21000.


Wheel alignment machines:

It is also seen in classrooms. Wheel orientation is the ninth most common method in workshops,with  the model price from $84 to $6000, equal to 13400 to 96000 Rs.

From PKR 13400 to PKR 96000.


Central lathe machine:

Central lathe machine is ideal for manufacturing and processing garments. This machine costs 2,200 dollars to 3,500 dollars, equal to 35,000-70,000 Pakistani Rupees.

As opposed to PKR 352000 - PKR 720000.


Laser cutting machine:

The laser cutting system is used in every workshop nowadays. Hand engineers use it in automotive repair workshops to change vehicles. The price of a laser cutter is 30000 Rs to 1000000 Rs. This unit can be successfully used in hospitals to recover hospitalized patients.

Around PKR 300,000 to PKR 1,000,000


Shaper machine: 

Another unit that has created a huge effect on the garment sector is the shaper machine. This unit is used in the cement industry to flatten concrete surfaces.

PKR 150000 To PKR 350000.


Woodcutting machines:

Woodworking and carpentry workshops usually use block printing in Pakistan. These machines form, redesign, and change wood into various items. Woodcutting devices feature revolving saw, reciprocating saw, plunge saw, electric handsaw, etc.

From PKR 2000 to PKR 50000.


Tyre infiltrator:

The tyre infiltrator machine is widely used because of Pakistan's larger number of automobiles. In Pakistani defense efforts, there are two types of tyre infiltrators. The price scale of the tyre penetration unit is from Rs 3500 to Rs 47000.

From PKR 35,000 to PKR 4,700,000.


Ventilators Machine:

Ventilators are being seen in libraries as well, and the prices for one year soared owing to the Corona Virus pandemic. For the ventilators in Pakistan, prices vary from Rs 200,000 to Rs 400,000.

Price PKR 50000 to PKR 70000.


Printing Machine.

Printers are now found in several workshops, such as technical workshops, science workshops, and mechanical workshops. According to the model, quality, and venue, different printer prices differ, ranging from Rs 19,000 to Rs 612,000. Several printers exist, such as laser, color, 3 in 1 printer, etc.

Between PKR 19000 and PKR 612000

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