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Woodworking machines, Tools & Equipment in Pakistan

When discussing woodworking tools and equipment, the first profession discussed is carpenters, as they are the people who use the woodworking tools most commonly in Pakistan. Although woodworking machines are used all over the country in different factories, carpenters' first profession comes to mind. There are several woodworking tools and machines used in Pakistan in factories and organizations, etc. These woodworking machines are as follows:-

CNC router:

A CNC router is an automatic machine that is used for cutting purposes. This machine's primary purpose is to cut and shape several types of materials, such as wood, aluminum, etc. In this machine, the paths are routed by computer instead of manually. This CNC router also cuts designs and shapes various kinds of wood. It is one of the tools that is technologically advanced and controlled by computers.


Edge bender:

As stated in the name, this woodworking machine is used to bend the edges of surfaces. It is very commonly used in Pakistan. An edge bender is used to bend edges in wood products. For example, A round door is made with an edge bender machine's help as the door's edges are bending. Moreover, this machine is also used to cover the exposed sides of materials such as plywood.



Wood drill machine:

Just as a standard drill machine is used to make holes in the walls and other surfaces, the wood drilling machine is used for drilling holes into wood, after which the material would be attached to that particular piece of wood. This wood drill machine works when special drill bits are attached to its front, after which the hole is made in the wood, as special drill bits are required to dig a hole in the wood. Therefore, that's how a wood drill machine works.


Wood planer/Thickness planer machine:

A wood planer machine is used to cut wood at exact length and breadth through computer measurements and then use that particular wood piece. Moreover, a wood planer is also used to cut the wood into flat surfaces. This machine is more commonly known by its alternate name: "thickness planer," as it determines how thick and in length the wood should be cut. This machine is automatic.


Wood joints machines:

Again, the name states that joint wood machines are used to join woods. Several wood products must be joined, such as windows, benches, desks, office furniture, tables, chairs, etc. Therefore, these wood products are joined with the help of woodworking machines.

Therefore, those mentioned above are Pakistan's most commonly used woodworking machines. Although there are several machines as well, also these are widely used. The woodworking tools are also used in carpenter shops. Without these tools, it would be very difficult to do woodwork.

Types of woodworking tools in Pakistan

The following are the woodworking tools commonly used in Pakistan, especially carpenters, and it is their domain to use these woodworking tools.

Wood saw:

Wood saws are used to cut wood and shape it into different shapes. Although it is different from a CNC router as that router cuts the wood at exact angles and through computer measurements. However, the wood saw is a fundamental woodworking tool, and it is used manually to cut the wood into different shapes. For example, doors, wooden windows, etc., are cut with a wood saw.


Bench vise:

A bench vise is a tool for holding both sides of the benches when cutting wood. And this tool has both sides of the wood together. This tool helps cut wood equally; even for that purpose, the wood is not cut equally. There are some standard sizes of bench vises through which different types of woods are cut as the same type of bench vise could not be used for different kinds of woods. It is a widespread tool in carpenter shops.


Wood router:  

A wood router is a manual tool. This tool's main purpose is to cut some wood area through which the smaller area of the wood is cut to make that wood in a perfect shape. For example, The windows made of wood are cut through this woodworking tool. And the wooden windows used in old houses were cut and shaped through the wood router.

Therefore, those mentioned above are the woodworking tools used by carpenters in Pakistan. Although there are several other tools, these are some of the most common tools as, without these tools, the carpenter would not be able to work correctly. It would be challenging for him to do woodwork without the help of these tools. However, other woodworking tools are also available in carpenter shops and used by carpenters.

Other woodworking tools are available in carpenter shops.

There are several other tools in carpenter shops, axe, hammer, hand saw, plass, etc. The most common in Pakistan, and almost every person in Pakistan know about these tools as they are the most basic types of tools used in the country. However, in carpenter shops, these tools are a must-have as, without these tools, the carpenter would not be able to work correctly.

Another critical factor is to consider the price of these tools as well. Thus, the following table shows Pakistan's woodworking machines and tools costs.

Woodworking machine Price


  • CNC router price
  • Rs 544000 to Rs 720000


  • Edge bender price
  • Rs 55000 to Rs 100000


  • Wood drill machine price
  • Rs 4000 to Rs 12000


  • Wood planer/thickness planer price
  • Rs 1582560 to Rs 1665760


  • Wood joints machine price
  • Rs 352000 to Rs 2000000


Therefore, the prices mentioned above for woodworking machines in Pakistan are taken from several websites, and the estimates are from lowest to highest.

The below table shows the price of woodworking tools in Pakistan. The machine prices have already been given in the above table.


  • Wood saw price
  • Rs 500 to Rs 5000


  • Bench vise price
  • Rs 6600 almost.


  • Wood router price
  • Rs 720 to Rs 14000


Therefore, the above mentioned are the prices of woodworking tools areas above.

Therefore, several types of woodworking tools and equipment are used in Pakistan in different firms, factories, organizations, carpenter shops, etc. However, these tools & equipment are correctly used in many organizations but not adequately used in some places. When discussing woodworking tools and machines, the concept of trees also comes into mind: wood products are made from trees. Currently, trees are being cut all over the world to make woodworking products. Many generations of trees are becoming extinct because cutting trees (deforestation) increases the temperature worldwide. Global warming takes place due to this reason also.

Thus, the following suggestions should be followed:-

Trees should not be cut in excessive quantity:

The trees should not be cut excessively as only 5% of the trees are left all over Pakistan. Those trees should not be cut in excessive quantities to make wooden products as wooden products are made up of trees, and the trees in Pakistan are not giant.


The carpenters should try to find other sources of income as well:

As the carpenters also earn significantly less in Pakistan, it cannot be immediately claimed that they should stop making woodworking products their income source. Without this income, the carpenters would be unable to run their households.


The government should provide support to carpenters:

As when the cutting of trees would be reduced or stopped, the carpenters would not earn enough. That's why the government should provide full support to carpenters, as they earn significantly less and are on daily wages. Therefore, the government should give full support to carpenters.


Cut those trees that adversely affect the environment: Many trees in Pakistan affect the environment, and make woodworking products from those trees as those trees affect the environment adversely. That's why it could be suggested that those trees should be cut, and woodworking products should be made from those trees.


Plant more trees if a tree is cut to make a wooden product: More trees should be planted for one tree cut as there are fewer trees in Pakistan. When one tree is cut to make a wooden product, more than one tree should be planted to make the environment more sustainable.


Use high-quality machines and tools for woodworking products: In some carpenter shops, the woodworking machines and tools are not high quality. They should use high-quality tools and products to make better woodworking products.


Government should lower the price of Pakistani manufactured tools:

The government should reduce Pakistani manufactured tools and woodworking machines by which carpenters and other people who do woodwork will purchase tools from Pakistani companies and use them, which will benefit Pakistan's economy as revenue would be generated. The GDP of the country will also improve.

Therefore, the suggestions mentioned above should be followed when making woodworking products with the help of woodworking machines and tools. The wood products would be made in an environment-friendly way.

After all, it can be stated that these are the woodworking machines and tools used in Pakistan, along with their prices that have been discussed throughout the article.

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