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Steam Boiler/boiling Machines in Pakistan

There was a time in Pakistan when trains plied the rails and passed through its cities and villages. These steam machinery include steam boilers, industrial steam boilers, ECM synchronika, industrial steam boilers, dual boilers, Breville, locomotive boilers, steam radiators, and low-pressure boilers.


Steam boiler:

A cylinder steam boiler is a cylindrical device found in most organizations and businesses. This machine is used to boil large amounts of water in bulk for industrial purposes in the organization. The air will be heated in this vessel, and then steam will be produced and emitted.

  • Steam boiler price
  • From Rs 800000 to 15200000


EMF synchronika:

A coffee machine is a device that makes and keeps coffee hot. This mobile coffee machine is commonly used in many coffee stores in Pakistan.

  • EMF synchronika price
  • From Rs 760000


A dual-boiler machine:

Coffee is a common foodstuff in the country, so restaurant and coffee shop machines are used. It employs a two-tiered configuration that has two separate chambers connected to it. The coffee is decaffeinated in one chamber, and the water is boiled in the other.

  • A dual-boiler machine price.
  • From Rs 1056000 to Rs 1520000


Steam-heated radiator:

This radiator is used in vehicles to provide adequate cooling in hot temperatures. However, radiators, steam is used to keep the radiators cool. These radiators don't use electricity at all.

  • Steam radiator price
  • From Rs 368000 to Rs 416000


Locomotive boiler:

It is used to keep trains moving along tracks, and these are attached at the front of the ways to keep the trains moving. Previously in Pakistan, only steam engine trains ran throughout the country, and the steam boiler machines were used for marine environment use.

  • Locomotive boiler price
  • From Rs 480000 to Rs 4800000


Low-pressure boiler:

Low-pressure steam is used for boiling under low pressure. The temperature in the boiler must not exceed a maximum of 250 degrees F. At 15 psi, the steam pressure in this boiler is insufficient. Those items not requiring heat to be boiled would otherwise be burned.

  • Low-pressure boiler price
  • Rs 128000 to Rs 640000


Electric steam boiler:

This electric steam boiler has the advantage feature that it can run on electricity. It has different shapes and sizes available, both small and large. Various food products are cooked in this steam boiler, including edibles.

  • Electric steam boiler price.
  • From Rs 50000


A steam kettle:

Electric kettles are now standard because they are safer and faster than traditional kettles that run through the gas. These electric kettles are used in homes nowadays.


Electric steam kettle price

From Rs 192000 to Rs 320000


Electric teapots:

Electricity-source electric teapots use steam to make tea. People are increasingly beginning to use electric teapots in their homes; both are steam-powered and will release steam when operating. Building on the similarities of electric and gas-powered teapots, both use steam.

  • Electric teapots price
  • From Rs 320 to Rs 2600

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