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Printing machines price in Pakistan

When hearing the word printing machines, the first thing that comes to mind is printers because they are the primary printing machines that do a printing job. The printers are one of the innovative inventions of the 20th century as the document that was seen on the computer screen could be printed in physical form. At that time, the printing machines were a great invention of their time.

Although some theorists say that typewriters were also some types of printers, but that was not the case as typewriters could only do typing. In contrast, printers were used to print the document from the computer screen available on the computer in front of the customer's eyes. The first printer was developed in 1953 that could properly be considered as a printer.

History of computer printers

After introducing printers in the market, the first printer introduced in the market was a Dot matrix printer.

Dot-matrix printer: A dot matrix printer was the first printer introduced in the technology industry. It could only print in black and white. At the moment it was launched, it was deemed a revolutionary invention.

Inkjet printer: After some time, the inkjet printers were introduced in the industry after the dot matrix printer and after introducing an inkjet printer. The dot matrix printers were out of the business since color printing was possible on inkjet printers, and the dot matrix printer had not this feature. That's why inkjet printer was taking the market then.

Semi-laser and laser printers: When laser and semi-laser printers were introduced in the industry, inkjet printers lost their value with time as laser printers transformed the printing industry from inkjet printers, people shifted towards laser printers as laser printers provide high-quality printouts than inkjet printers.

3D printers: In the world, 3D printers were invented in the mid-1980s, but they became common in Pakistan in the past decade as Pakistan is a developing country. It is far behind developed countries that it introduces a new technology after a long period. However, now these printers have been introduced in Pakistan, although they are not very common. Still, after some time, they would become standard in Pakistan.

Therefore, the above mentioned are the types of printers that have been made familiar in Pakistan with time as the world of technology is always innovating and is renewing with every passing day. However, Pakistan is a developing country that is a bit slow in adapting and improving technology. That's why it received 3D printing much late.

Revolution in the printing industry

The 3D printing introduction is considered one of the great revolutions in the printing industry. It is also being used in the manufacturing industry. When the organization is doing their manufacturing and following their manufacturing practices, 3D printing is considered one of the greatest inventions in the printing industry. It could be associated with manufacturing as well. 3D printing is considered additive manufacturing as well; that's why it could be viewed as a type of manufacturing.

Types of printers used in Pakistan.

Although Pakistan is far behind in technology than other countries but In Pakistan at the end of the 20th and 21st centuries, printers were used. The printing industry also has some profits. However, due to the Corona Virus pandemic, many sectors have suffered huge losses. The printing industry is one of them. Here we will discuss the types of printers used in Pakistan and are most commonly used. Therefore, the following are the types of printers that are being used in Pakistan currently:-

Screen printer: The first most common type of printer used in Pakistan is the screen-printer. It uses different kinds of paper sizes to have a printout ready. This printer works on ink and has the ink filled in the cartridges, after which it can print the document. The picture below shows a screen-printer.


UV printer: 

UV printer means an Ultra-Violet printer, which means that this printer could print almost anything. This printer is currently being used in broad Pakistani organizations, such as Al-Karam Textile Mills, to print cotton or aluminum products. This printer is also a promising innovation in the Pakistani industry. The picture below shows a UV printer on the coming page.

Thus, the above mentioned two printers are most commonly used in Pakistan and screen printers almost everywhere. Laser and semi-laser printers are used as inkjet printers but in minimal shops that are not advanced in technology. These printers are used in Pakistan for printing documents and fabrics. At the same time, there are printing machines that are used for different purposes. Following are the types of printing machines that are used in Pakistan for various purposes. The description about all of these printing machines is as follows:-

Commercial printing machines: 

Commercial printing machines are used by those businesses that have to print brochures, leaflets, panaflex, etc. As stated in the name itself, the commercial printing machine is used for business purposes and those businesses that print brochures, pamphlets, flyers, etc. The picture below shows a commercial printer.

T-shirt printers: 

Although this term is widespread as people of Pakistan know about T-shirt printers, this type of printing term is not very common in Pakistan. That's why it is necessary to discuss T-shirt printing machines as T-shirt printing machines do the captions written on t-shirts. OR the diagram and figures drawn on T-shirts. The diagram below shows a T-shirt printing machine.

Printing press machines: 

It is also mandatory for us to learn about printers should discuss printing press machines as the printing industry is one of Pakistan's primary sectors. But from the past three years, this industry is suffering huge losses as the paper price has risen a lot in the past 3-4 years, and the quality of the paper that was being imported by Pakistan have also gone down in quality. Thus, printing press machines are used to print massive amounts and quantity of printouts; that's why printing press machines are also a part of our discussion in this article.

Digital printing machine: 

Digital printing machines are used to print cotton and fabrics etc. These machines do not use printing plates, and instead, these machines work on metal plates. The digital printing machine is an innovation in the industry of printers.

Offset printing machine: An offset printing machine is used for doing offset printing. It is called offset printing since the ink is not automatically moved to paper. Instead, the ink is transferred onto sheets first, and then it is later transferred to the paper. This machine is used on blankets when the printouts have to be done on blankets as many blankets have symbols, designs, etc., on them, so those designs are made using this machine. This printing machine uses aluminum plates for the printout. The diagram of an offset printing machine is given on the following page. There would be a more precise understanding of an offset printing machine.

Mug printing machine: Nowadays, different types and designs of mugs are printed that have become common in our country since the past decade. Therefore, those mugs are printed through this mug printing machines. This machine uses special dyes instead of standard ink cartridges by which different designs of mugs are printed. The following diagram shows different types of mugs printed through this machine and the printers used to print them.

Therefore, the above mentioned are the types of machines commonly used in Pakistan for different purposes. The printing is done in our country. These printing machines are the most widely used.

When discussing printers and printing machines, it is also necessary to examine the printing press. It is closely related to printers and printing machines. As the papers are provided by the printing press when printing is done, the printing press supplies the paper on those printers that use papers. The printer press has failed in the last three years when the publishing sector has sustained tremendous losses for the last three years. After the Corona Virus crisis, the printing press has suffered more than ever; that's why there are losses in the printing industry. There are fewer projects of prints currently taking place in Pakistan. For this reason, as printing has reduced a lot in our country.

After everything, the printers may be assumed to be, and printers are becoming a necessity in our country. It is necessary to use printers in everyday life. Nowadays, printers have become so common in Pakistan that they are found almost in every shop. Printers and printing machines are also becoming common as they also help in business and business transactions. The standard printers and printing machines that have been discussed in this article are commonly used in Pakistan. And Pakistani's needs to know about these printers and printing machines; that's why this article has been written.


Following are the recommendations that the printing press, printing industry, printer users, and Pakistan's people should follow.

People should have awareness about printers, printing machines, etc., that are used in Pakistan.

The printing industry should also not charge high rates as sometimes they charge high rates for printing works, which should not be the case.

Our country should also use the latest technology of printers as Pakistan uses obsolete and outdated technology. The technology should be made and proved in Pakistan; otherwise, the import bill will increase, which will affect the GDP.

Printer users should also keep the latest and up to date printers and maintain them as well.

Therefore, the recommendations mentioned above should be followed by printer users and printing machine users as it is our article's topic.


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