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Energy generation machines in Pakistan

One of the most common discussions and topics in Pakistan is about energy generation and the machines used for the generation of energy by which the energy is generated in Pakistan as it is one of the oldest discussions that are taking place in Pakistan since the independence of Pakistan. Almost all people have knowledge about energy generation and its machines in Pakistan as the energy crises have always been a big issue in Pakistan. 

The most common names that come into mind while discussing energy generation are wind turbines, solar panels, etc., as they are most commonly used. However, there are other types of energy generation machines that we would be discussing throughout this article. People would know these machines that how these machines work, and how the energy is generated in Pakistan through these companies' machines to solve the energy crises taking place in Pakistan. Therefore, keep reading this article to know about the energy generation machines used in Pakistan.


Although our article is about energy generation machines but before that, we need to know about the types of energies that need to be generated and the energy that is already available. Therefore, we will be discussing the energy generation machines, but the following are the types of energies:-

Thermal/geothermal or heat Energy: Thermal or heat energy is created by atoms and molecules already available in the substance this energy is made. It is called heat energy as well.

Chemical Energy: 

Chemical energy holds the particles together, and it is stored in the atoms and molecules of substances.

Nuclear power/energy: contained in the atomic nucleus.

Radiant Energy: 

It is also known as the traveling energy as it is traveled through radio frequency, sunlight, and x-rays.


Electrical Energy: 

Generated through electron movement of structures and ions. Electrons' movement creates light Energy: Just as electric energy in substances, protons' movement in substances creates this energy. This energy also has a distinction of being the only visible energy to the human eye.


Kinetic Energy machines: 

Stored in objects, and when objects move, then this energy also moves.

Sound Energy machines: 

This Energy moves from substance to substance and distinguishes being the lowest energy sum than some other type of electricity.

Elastic Energy machines: 

Stored in an elastic object such as rubber bands, hair bands, etc. When these objects stretch, then elastic energy also moves.


Gravitational Energy machines: 

This energy is contained in the gravity and centrifugal force of the universe.

Mechanical Energy machines: 

That is the kind of energy under which mechanical objects such as wrenches, hammers, and other types of tools and those tools generate.


Wind energy machines: 

It is stored in the earth's breeze, and this energy is responsible for cyclones, twisters, and all the other wind-related disasters.

Solar Energy machines: 

Stored in sun rays and used through the sunlight that reaches the earth's surface.

Therefore, now we have discussed all the types of energies which were the sub-topic. And it was necessary to discuss how we would be moving on to our main topic that is Energy generation machines in Pakistan. However, we still need to know that the energies mentioned above, what types of energies need to be generated by the machines, and which energy is naturally available. So we would separate those energies from the one that needs to be generated and the ones that don't need to be generated.

Energies that DO NOT need to be generated: Therefore, the energies that do not need to be generated by machines are gravitational energy, chemical energy, and elastic energy.

Energies that need to be generated: The energies that need to be partially or entirely generated are solar Energy, wind energy, mechanical energy, sound Energy, Electrical Energy, Radiant Energy, Nuclear Energy, and thermal Energy.

Therefore, without any delay, we would be discussing the machines commonly used in Pakistan, known as energy generation machines in Pakistan.

Energy generation machines in Pakistan

Following are the most common energy generation machines used in Pakistan to generate energy:-

Thermoelectric machine: A thermoelectric machine, commonly known as a thermoelectric alternator, is used in heat production and is one of Pakistan's most widely used devices. As heat is generated through this machine and it is used very popularly in Pakistan. A thermoelectric machine and how it works. It will clarify the concept more than how heat energy is generated through this alternator.


Electric generators machines in Pakistan: 

One of the most common Energy generated is electricity Energy. One of the most common machines used to generate this energy is generators that run on petrol. Electrical Energy is generated. These are the most common energy generation machines used in Pakistan. These generators commonly run on petrol, diesel, gas (LNG, CNG, and LPG gas). The most common energy-generating generator used in Pakistan.


Wind turbines machines : 

As stated earlier in the article, Wind energy is captured in the world's breeze. But it partially needs to be generated, and the portion must be turned into wind energy. Therefore, the wind turbines perform the same job by transforming the earth's breeze and air into wind energy used to fuel the electricity, as wind turbines first and then transform wind energy to wind. These wind turbines are found in the Jhimpir zone of the Sindh province in Pakistan. 


Windmills energy machines in Pakistan: 

Windmills are also used to generate wind energy and then generate electrical energy. The power supply would be generated in the country. People often confuse between windmills and wind turbines as there is a minor difference between them. Windmills have small generators installed in them. They use that generator to generate the power supply after converting wind energy into electrical energy. The difference is clear now that wind turbines rely on wind to generate energy. In contrast, windmills rely on their generator to generate the energy. 

This energy creates nuclear fission and fusion machines: Nuclear fission and fusion machines Used to produce nuclear power. 


Solar panels machines in Pakistan: 

Although not completely considered an energy generation machine, solar panels are also used to transform solar energy. They are used to provide a suitable power supply to houses and power plants. That's why these solar panels are now becoming more common in Pakistan, from homes to factories to almost everywhere in the country. How solar panels work, and how do they convert or generate energy.


X-ray machines in Pakistan: 

The radiant energy is generated through x-ray machines as stated earlier because it is also known as the traveling energy; thus, it travels through the rays of x-ray machine; that's why this energy is stored in substances of an x-ray machine, and then it is generated by the x-ray machine. The x-ray machine and generates radiant energy when traveling through photons before finally becoming traveling energy.


Radio machines in Pakistan: 

This might come as a shock, but yes, radio is used to generate sound Energy that travels through radio frequencies. Just as Radiant Energy travels through x-ray machines, the sound Energy is generated by radio waves and frequencies. People could only listen to the radio and could not watch the picture on it. That's why it is one of the most common machines which generates sound energy. The new generation might not know about the radio. 


Hammer machines in Pakistan: 

This might even be a bigger shocker than the radio, but mechanical energy is created and generated by the hammer when used. In this scenario, a hammer would also be considered an energy generation machine from which the energy is generated. When the hammer is in use, it is generating mechanical energy.


Now we have discussed the energy generation machines that are commonly used in Pakistan, and we would be further discussing alternative energy sources, which are as follows:-

Biomass energy machines in Pakistan: 

This Energy is made from fertilizers and could be converted into usable energy sources. Agricultural and industrial waste is converted in the energy generation process.


Tidal Energy: 

Tidal Energy is already available in sea waves and depends on centrifugal force. It does not have to be generated like other forms of energy, such as mechanical Energy, Nuclear Energy, etc.

Therefore, the above mentioned are the alternative sources of energy that were not discussed previously.

Ontario power generation

When discussing energy and energy generation machines in Pakistan, it is also necessary to discuss the Ontario power generation plant. This plant generates nuclear and electrical energy from wastages. From 2016 till 2018, it was also in the discussion that they will help Pakistan generate energy, such as electrical energy, which would solve the country's load shedding issue entirely, but the project didn't take off. In the USA, the energy is generated by this plant through wastages.

Ontario power plant was founded in 1999, and now it has two big power stations that generate energy.

After all, it could be stated that Pakistan should use different electricity sources as our country should not only be dependent on K-Electric and WAPDA. The main purpose of writing this article about energy generation machines in Pakistan is that now it is the time that Pakistan should search and use those alternatives to generate power supply. And different types of energy discussed throughout this article as there are several sources of electricity other than K-electric and WAPDA. And these sources include solar panels, wind turbines, windmills, thermal power plants, etc. The energy and electricity could be generated much more quickly rather than relying on WAPDA and K-electric.


After all the discussions, now the following points could be recommended.

Shift towards hydropower generation as in hydropower generation, and the energy is generated through water. Many countries, such as China, Japan, and USA, etc., are using these techniques.

Use alternate sources to generate energy.

People should have awareness about different kinds of machines for energy production widely used in Pakistan; that's why this article is written.

Use renewable energy sources that would not affect the environment adversely, such as tidal waves, wind, etc.

Therefore, the recommendations mentioned above should be followed by which Pakistan would become a better energy generation country.

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