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Medical and Hospital machines  in Pakistan

Following the spread of the Coronavirus, the importance of computers in hospitals has risen. These devices/machines are vital and important to the recovery of patients with extreme diseases. Popular types of equipment are fans, X-ray devices, and machines to measure blood pressure and ultrasound systems.


Ventilators Machine:

Ventilators are the most popular hospital devices employed in the survival of patients. The ventilators had been transported from China after the coronavirus epidemic in Pakistan in February 2020.

  • Ventilators machine price
  • From Rs 20,00,000 to Rs 43,00,000

Oxygen cylinders:

Oxygen cylinders are used only to provide oxygen to people who have issues with oxygen inhalation. Any types of patients suffer from multiple cases.

  • Oxygen cylinders price
  • From Rs 4,000 to Rs 25,000


Hospital beds:

Hospitals are being used to make things comfortable for the patients admitted to the hospital. These beds are automatic and semi-auto.

  • Hospital beds price
  • From Rs 28,000 to Rs 1,50,000



Blood Pressure (BP) machine:

Blood pressure is one of Pakistan's most frequent illnesses. Blood pressure devices

  • Blood pressure machine price
  • From Rs 3,000 to Rs 16,000



Glucometer or diabetes is checking machine:

Diabetes has also been a prevalent condition in Pakistan, just like blood pressure (BP). Demand for Gluco-meter has risen significantly in Pakistan.

  • Glucometer machine price
  • From Rs 13,00 to Rs 27,00


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan machine:

The role of this system is to scan any body part and decide which disease the patient experiences. In medical centers

  • MRI scanning machine price
  • From Rs 3,60,00,000 to Rs 4,80,00,000

X-ray machines:

An x-ray scanner is another most frequent machine in nearly any hospital, shopping facility, medical store, and laboratory. For patients with a wound or involving themselves in an injury, the X-ray system is helpful. x

  • X-ray machine price
  • From Rs 25,60,000 to Rs 33,60,000

Ultrasound machines:

Ultrasound devices are often used by pregnant women who realize that a boy or a girl is born. These devices are instead used in patients with stones or other belly complications in their kidneys. The market has now launched compact ultrasound equipment.

  • Ultrasound machine price
  • From Rs 67000 to Rs 1200000


Dental scanning machine:

The dental x-ray system generates a 3D picture of the teeth that will display the root cause, whether a patient has an issue with

  • Dental scanning machine price
  • From Rs 20,56000 to Rs 34,56000

Diagnostic medical imaging machines:

Several imagery diagnostics devices are used to build patients' medical pictures. These include x

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