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Pakistan Material handling and  Processing Machinery

Material processing machinery and facilities are used in Pakistan during the year. They are used for different uses, such as lifting objects, materials transfer, droppings, etc. Almost all residents in Pakistan are acquainted with material processing devices and machinery.


Pallet truck:

Pallet trucks are one of the most popular devices in businesses and warehousing installations. These vehicles are used to transport products from one site to another. In warehouses, pallet trucks may be used for moving products or loading them from shelf to shelf.

  • Pallet truck Price in Pakistan
  • From Rs 46000 to Rs 500000

Electric pallet jack:

Pallet jacks are used to move goods and products more easily from one place/spot to another place/spot. They are mechanical devices, while electricity is powered and working. This electric pallet jack will shift 4500 lbs to a minimum of 5500 lbs.

  • Electric pallet jack Price in Pakistan
  • From Rs 55000 to Rs 1000000



Material handling machines are one of the famous and widely used forklifts. The chariot will raise the material from 1 to 5 tonnes. These vehicles are called forklifts since the blades are connected to this vehicle.

  • Forklifts Price in Pakistan
  • From Rs 1000000 to 3350000


Hand truck pallet:

Manual forms of material processing equipment are hand pallet vans. They also look the same as pallet coats, which are often manual in design. You require an operator to run and handle them as the name itself specifies.

  • Hand pallet truck Price in Pakistan
  • From Rs 55000 to Rs 108000


Trucks platform:

On platforms, the network vehicles are used to bring loads in companies from platform to platform. There are manual trucks or trolleys to be found more precisely as in several businesses.

  • Platform trucks Price in Pakistan
  • From Rs 8500 to Rs 19500



Trucks for containers:

For transporting and transporting loads from one location to another, container trucks are used. For these container vehicles, the smallest standard is 14 wheelers, and the largest is 22 wheels.

  • Container trucks Price in Pakistan
  • From Rs 2400000 to Rs 4500000


Loading lorries:

Load trucks are often used for country-wide movements of content. These trucks are popular transportation throughout the world. The table below displays the price of this handling equipment in Pakistan. Material handling equipment costs depend on the appropriate material.

  • Load trucks Price in Pakistan
  • Rs 2300000


  • Material handling distributor in Pakistan
  • Industrial Javaid Firm: Javaid Industrial Business is located in Gujranwala.


  • Al-Murtaza Machinery Company Pvt. Ltd
  • It is located in Karachi and suppliers industrial machinery throughout Pakistan via Karachi.


  • Equipster machines
  • It is located in Phase 7 of DHA Karachi.


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