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Lab Equipments & Machines In Pakistan

There exist various laboratories according to varied requirements in different research fields. Experimental surveillance must track and oversee the effects of experiments. You would be allowed to analyze or identify the disease that the doctor feels is occurring in the patient. Home research is smoother, and it is normally completed in a few hours of consultations. The laboratory knowledge management system enables medical practitioners to gather results and carry out the test work procedures effectively.


Labware washers machine

Several sterilization techniques are used to disinfect lab instruments. Commercial and domestic dishwashers are less efficient than a washing machine to catch and remove lab-created contaminants. For example, the dishwasher with one pump can be treated as a water purifier for multiple purposes. In comparison, high-tech models of this machine utilize dual pumps and state-of-the-art filters. Effective washing and sterilization of lab instruments is important to ensure patient safety.

Price: PKR 1,219,530


Moisture analyzers machine

A moisture measurement instrument is called a humidity level or a moisture meter. This consists of two units; the weighing device and the heating unit. It is used with analytic technologies to determine the quality of each sample by wet content. A big difference in the manufacturing process lies in the heat supply. A moisture analyzer consumes thermal energy from being heated. Advantages The most useful and critical advantage is quick tracking time. Essentially, all liquid analyzers require heating a sample of water to evaporate much of the moisture from it. This would be called failure on drying. The sample is fried, dried, and then weighed.

Price: PKR 150000 (1.5 lakh)


Lyophilizer machine

It is used in the protection of lyophilized items. Lyophilizers work by freezing the material, reducing the substance's volume, and adding heat to sublimate water ice in the substance. The method of lyophilization is one of the ideal ones in the pharmaceutical industry. It's a good market practice for medication makers.

Price: PKR 1,757,380.


Chromatography machine

Chromatography is a particular means to assess the structure of solids or suspensions in a mixture. With chromatography, chemicals may be isolated from each other. Various components migrate in the stationary batching phase and can be quickly separated from each other. Another clear definition of chromatography is that a chemical reaction is used to disperse the various particle sizes in a liquid material on the sheet of paper into its bits. Chromatography is also being used to catch criminals. It is an important method for isolating different shades of pigment. Food additives are used to identify and differentiate the materials placed into food. Methylated cytosine is used in bioinformatics and DNA fingerprinting.

Price: PKR 3,196,680 (3.2M).


Pipettes machine

Pipets have been used in a canister in the last century to calculate quantity in various applications. Volumetric pipets are built to draw an exact number. On the other side, Mohr pipettes give a vernier scale that helps the laboratory researcher conduct different routine samples. To get fluid into a pipette, a bulb is the most popular process. Pipettes are critical lab devices used to dispense calculated volumes of material. Pipettes work by creating a limited vacuum over the container of liquids and eventually enabling this to dissipate. Any barrel has counterclockwise marks on the top. With no sterile. Each of the pipettes may contain seven ml of liquid.

Price: Rs 2000/each


Calorimeter machine

Now, a calorimeter is an object used in chemistry calculations. The strongest calorimeters are the isothermal macroscopic calorimeter, titration calorimeter, and rapid rate calorimeter. A calorimeter is an instrument that tests the sun. E.g., if an exothermic reaction happens, the heat that comes from the reaction would absorb the quantity of the product generated by the reaction. A calorimeter is a system that measures the energy emitted at a chemical, electrical, or mechanical reaction. Depending on the calorimeter's form, a calorimeter will often consist of a bottle, water, thermometer, stirring pin, and object that will absorb or release heat.

Price:  PKR 15,000.


Centrifuges machine

The centrifuge is used to isolate molecules of liquids dependent on gases. This is achieved by high-speed rotation of vessels containing the substance; heavy components are pulled outside by centrifugal force. Those centrifuges may be viewed as high-density partition against low-density shards of fractions. Centrifuges for sedimentation and filtration may be divided into two groups. Centrifuges are a precious instrument in the lab. This creates a strong centripetal force that induces the heavier particles to drift to the test tube's bottom under natural gravitational force. Centrifuge works by utilizing the sedimentation principle.

Price Rs 30,000.


Incubators and environmental test machine

Environmental chambers may be commonly known as temperature bays. Another function of an incubator is to assist premature babies in the growth and development of their bodies. An incubator produces an ecosystem in which the temperature, scale, concentration, and light are ideal. Environmental research chambers utilize electric heaters to cool or freeze the field to control environmental factors. The coolers may be either liquid-based or forced-air powered with different benefits and disadvantages. Stabilization compartments provide a regulated environment where humidity and temperature are kept constant. Often, they are suitable for modeling experiments, for example, in packaging or pharmaceuticals.

Price: PKR 400,000.

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