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Generator machines used in Pakistan

Types of generators, generator prices, and generator companies

The concept of load shedding is not new in Pakistan. This issue has stayed in Pakistan for decades. The first things that come into mind when discussing load shedding are UPS, Inverters, and generators. Although inverters have become common in Pakistan in the past decade, generators would be addressed in this article.

The generators had become common in Pakistan in the past three decades when load shedding was widespread in Pakistan. Therefore, the generator's concept is not new in Pakistan. We would be discussing the most common generators used in Pakistan and are still used. The following are the types of generators most commonly used in Pakistan.

Diesel generator: 

A diesel generator works on diesel. It is used in big projects. These generators are used in banks and offices.


A Genset is also a generator type used to turn chemical energy into mechanical energy.

Electric generator: 

An electric generator is used at construction sites for heavy and massive projects.

Power generator: 

A power generator is used in factories and big companies.

Thermoelectric generator: It is used for converting temperature and heat wave into useful electrical energy by which it would be utilized later.

Gas generators: 

Gas generators are most commonly used in homes when there are load shedding issues; that's why they are used in homes most widely.

Cummins generator: The Cummins company generator is mostly run on petrol. They are popular in stores as stores use these generators when load shedding problems arise in stores.

The Cummins and Honda generators are commonly used in Pakistan. Although there is no big issue of load shedding now in Pakistan as it is solved, generators are still needed at construction sites. Big offices as the issue of load shedding is not entirely solved in Pakistan.

After all, it can be said that generators are necessary in Pakistan and have become the need of the shops, houses, construction sites, etc. The generators from Pakistan have helped us a lot in our daily lives.


People using UPS should also shift towards generators if they could afford it as generators provide 24-hour service and can take more load than UPS or inverters combined. That's why here generators have a competitive edge over UPS and inverters, and due to this reason, the generators are necessary.

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