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Forklifts Machines & material handling Machines in Pakistan

Here, we would be discussing forklift material handling machines that are used commonly in Pakistan. When we discuss forklift machines, the most common name that comes into mind is Caterpillar fork lifters, as those fork lifters are the most commonly used in Pakistan and are of higher quality.

The primary objective is to discuss forklift material handling machines that are most commonly used in Pakistan. Almost all of these fork lifters material handling machine is imported from the USA by the Caterpillar Company. The following are the material handling fork lifting machines that are used in Pakistan commonly.



Forklifts are used to lift cars from no parking area. They are used in warehouses to pick up the material and machinery.

Forklift trucks: are used in stores to lift material and shift the material as well.


Pallet jack: 

A pallet jack is the most significant necessary type of forklift material handling machine. It is used to transfer bulky goods or loads at long-distance spaces in the organization.

Reach truck: it is a narrow aisle & right angle truck. It is used to transfer material from small spaces as big forklifts material handling equipments could not reach those small spaces.

Hyster forklifts are designed to reach high spaces. Some warehouses have 2 or 3 floors, so Hyster forklifts are programmed to choose and drop the material in this field.


Hand pallet truck: 

They were used for transferring pallets and other materials. It is both manual and automatic.


Material handling equipments: 

This material is used to move throughout the organization; moreover is also used for storage, control, and protection of materials.

Forklifts material handling machines; therefore, the above mentioned are the commonly used forklifts material handling machines in Pakistan.

After all, it can be stated that these are the forklift material handling machines used commonly in the Pakistani machine industry. These are handy machines/Devices in transferring and storing material in warehouses of big organizations.


Forklift stacker machine weighing 1.5 tonnes.

This form of forklift is used in industrial environments to transfer wide containers of products. The unit weighs around 1.5 tonnes and is built to be used in limited spaces.


A 3-ton forklift.

This forklift truck is ideally adapted for tight gaps and roads where the truck must travel fast. The truck weighs about 3000 kilograms. Its architecture never planned to bear as much weight as it does.


Forklift heli diesel truck:

The forklift has a diesel motor which weighs in the order of a tonne. Unlike other versions, the frame of this model has movable blades that can be modified.


Forklift 5-ton STMA model:

This model is built for outdoor usage but can be used in both limited to medium spaces. The forklift has a capacity of 3500 kg, which is very high.


Forklift 7-ton, STMA

This forklift is modernized from Forklift 5 tonne (1982). Similar to the previous unit, the next model is also 5 tonnes. The lift power of this forklift is 7,000 pounds.


The Axon 2 tonne forklift vehicle:

These petrol-powered vehicles come with a one-year guarantee and operate on diesel motors. For heavy vehicles, diesel is a safer option than gasoline. The blades can be relocated in this forklift, allowing for additional items to be transported.


High-grade multi-wheel diesel forklift vehicle.

This truck operates on several wheels to support its drive by itself. This truck can lift a load equal to 4.5 tonnes. It is used to collect sort in a rough spot.


Individual with handheld electric forklift.

The man seated forklift is built for sideways usage since the blades are attached at the front and are attached from right to left. This unit requires energy and can bear a combined weight of 1500 kilograms.


Forklift factory line-stacker.

The forklift warehouse stacker is widely used in several industries to move and store various products and materials—this forklift rig.


Shipping trolleys.

The breakthrough in forklift trolley markets is forklift trolley carts. In this paragraph, these are cars, rather than computers, but are on the list. These trolleys bear large weights ranging from 1000-5000kgs, which is a tonne.


Electric forklift trucks and machines:

Electric forklifts are environmentally-friendly, and they do not use fossil fuels. However, they do not generate air and water emissions. These trucks are agile, silent, and stealthy but can still be used indoors. There are several truck types and sizes in use in Pakistan, and they are used in indoor factories and businesses.


Driven industrial trucks:

In Pakistan, diesel-powered forklifts and machines are popular. These vehicles traditionally have been used on rough and challenging roads. These computers are best suited for outdoor use.


Forklift pump truck:

Another popular form of forklift truck is the forklift that can lift and drop up to 5000 pounds.


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